We're shopping for a studio. Can we make an appointment to see the studio and talk about what we're looking for?"

º Always welcomed.

"We're on a limited budget. What can we do on our end to speed up the recording process?"

º Be well rehearsed. Make sure any instruments or amps are in good condition and worthy of being recorded.  

"Do we have to use a click?"

º Great music has been recorded with or without. Obviously a click (metronome) provides solid song tempos and a staple in recording. But for anyone not acclimated, it can make for a long day. Using a click is your choice. 

"Can you record a full band live in the studio?"

º Yes and there's four isolated areas here for instrument/vocal separation. There's many other options or recording approaches as well. Those are also your choice.   

"What do we need to bring with?"

º There are instruments and amps here all are welcome to use. However, everyone is usually more comfortable playing instruments they're accustomed to. So personal gear with the exception of PA, mics, mic stands.

"Do you charge for set up time?"

º Yes but please read on. We always try to get drum kits in a day or two ahead of the recording date. This allows programming a session specific Pro Tools template for tracking. Also provides an opportunity to get mics up on the kit in general positions. There's no charge for this and will save you time and money. The rest, we'll always have the session booted, recording stations set up and be ready to record when you arrive.

"We'd like to record the drum kit in a studio then finish recording at home."

º Easy and somewhat routine.
We can transfer session files to your hard drive, thumb drive or upload to any popular file sharing utility or the studio's ftp server. Likewise, we've been doing between studio session sharing for years.

"Do you charge by the project or by hour?"

º $50 per hour, block time $45 per hour (five or more concurrent hours) This includes use of anything in the studio and rates apply to tracking or mixing.   

"What's the cost of venue, live multi-track recording?"

º  There's so many variables. Distance, rider requirements, etc. These are quoted on a per project basis.

*McDonald Productions is not responsible for loss of data. This includes hard drives, thumb drives, audio or video files. It's strongly suggested clients provide their own USB hard drive, thumb drive, etc. for additional backup. This will insure a copy of your material remains in your posession at all times.